“14. The more people you attack, the better your chances of hitting one statistically.Useful hints for fighting with Uppsala

For over 15 years, we have trained in various locations in and around Chatswood. Training is run and organised by our head combatants, and senior members help to train other members.

Currently, we train every Saturday at approximately 1pm at Beauchamp Park, Beauchamp AVE, Chatswood.

We make the decision on the Friday in case of wet weather. So if you are unsure where we will be feel free to call our Head Combatant or Herald.

We are located by the tables in the North West corner of the park, just behind the rugby field.
With the clash of steel on steel and smash of a shield charge, it should be easy to find us!

Feel like doing something other then kicking a ball around a field, or running between wickets? If you would like to come along, please contact our head combatant to ensure that we will be there! (As we may be away at a display or fighting with another group.)