Past Events

Eurofest 2018

Uppsala once again attended Eurofest, and had a blast helping out Danelaw and entertaining the good people on the Northern Beaches.

Thank you to all for coming and watching and for the new friends and recruits. Hope to be back again soon.

Beorg-Wic 2017

Once again Uppsala went down, fought, drank and conquered Beorg-Wic, great event by aaf and we cant wait to go again in 2018.

– Uppsala Medieval Society

Winterfest 2017

Uppsala held a great combat display across the 2 days for Winterfest 2017.

Thank you to all for coming and watching and for the new friends and recruits.

– Uppsala Medieval Society


Eurofest 2017

Uppsala Attended for the first time Eurofest, and had a blast helping out Danelaw and entertaining the good people on the Northern Beaches.

Thank you to all for coming and watching and for the new friends and recruits. Hope to be back again soon.


Winterfest 2014, 2015, 2016

Again the team from UMS put on a great combat display for multiple Winterfest’s as well as provided some of the more entertaining combatants for the end of day combat.

We even picked up some new recruits!

We will be back again for Winterfest 2018

SpearDave’s Fight Day

SpearDave hosted a fight day to celebrate his 30th.

With members from several groups participating it was a great afternoon on a fantastic day in August with the sun shining.

Thanks to everyone that participated, and congrats to Martin and Kyle for their first intergroup event.

Blast Furnace 2013

Held in Lithgow in the Blast Furnace ruins, a great back drop for a fight.
Numbers were small but it was a good day to mingle with some different fighters.
Thanks to organisers for this. Keen for next years!


WinterFest 2013 (29 and 30 June)

Uppsala were back again for WinterFest 2013!.

Held in Parramata Park, this event has something for everyone! Including foot combat, the Birds of Prey, Jousters, markets and other displays.
It was a wet and muddy weekend.
Again the team from UMS put on a great combat display both days as well as provided some of the more entertaining combatants for the end of day combat.
We even picked up some new recruits!
Looks like the event will be moving locations next year.
Thanks again to the organisers for another fantastic weekend.


Intergrourp Training Day.

Intergroup training day on Saturday 1st June at Upjohn Park in Rydelemere. Time to be confirmed closer to the day.
Members need relevant PL Insurance.



Vanguard – Mid Winter Gathering 2013 (Queens Birthday Long Weekend)

The Vanguard is happy to officially announce that it will be running our annual Mid-Winter Gathering/Combat event this year on the 8th -10th of June (Queens Birthday long weekend) 2013. The event is easily accessible from the freeway on the NSW Central Coast (between Sydney and Newcastle), affordable and includes an ever expanding range of historical activities, feasting, combat and all kinds of merry making.



Conference 2013. Again hosted by Danelaw, was a fantastic event over the Easter Long Weekend 4 days, fully catered on the Danelaw property. We were blessed with good weather, and everyone contributed to creating a great atmosphere. As usual, UMS were there and rocked the weekend, not only in the fighting, but the arts and crafts as well.
On the Field we were a dominant force, and our training really showed off. From training, to field combat, tourneys and Fort Fights we fought hard, safe and well. Many members participated in a variety of workshops including backing and crafty things. Matt also won the brewers championship. SUB!
As usual there were markets and workshops happening everyday so there was plenty to do. A thanks to those that volunteered their time to help Danelaw.

However, a massive thanks goes to Danelaw for their monster effort in the lead up to, and during the event. The food was great, and the portions plentiful and the event ran smoothly. Lets hope they decide to do another one!
If you missed out check out the Conference 2013 facebook page!.


Beorg Wic!

Beorg Wic back for another year, and Uppsala was there in force for the weekend! Hosted by the AAF at the Danelaw property, this event continued in a long line of impressive events hosted by AAF.
With workshops, combat, and a dry weekend, amazing feasts, and the chance to catch up with old mates, meet new ones, and show our new guys what we can do.
It was a lot of fun and a mighty Thanks to the AAF once again, for hosting such an amazing event. Looking forward to 2013!



Winterfest was another amazing event. Uppsala’s new display was admired by guests and reenactors alike! Thanks to all those that helped out in the lead up to and on the day.
Preforming a combat show on each day and participating in the end of day melle, we put on a great display for all, with old friends swinging by (geddit?) to do our display.


Vanguard Mid Winter Camp 2012

Once again The Vanguard hosted their June Event at Wyee!
A great event with much fighting, feasting and other activities, this one is so close to home, Sydney siders would be crazy to not go.
The event is well priced with different options to cater for as many people as possible. A huge thanks to all that made the event possible.
The campsite has a great relaxed atmosphere and it was great to be there. Though I am not sure if they want to keep competing with AAF for the wetest event of the year


Blacktown Medieval Fayre 2012

A huge thank to our good friends Danelaw at the Blacktown Medieval Fair. This year was another fantastic event put on by Blacktown City Council, and Danelaw’s efforts really made the reenactment side of it awesome.
A huge thanks to Matt Knight, Alex, SpearDave and Mrs Spear for attending. Danelaw appreciated the extra bodies in their shows, and the grand melee at the end of the day was a blast!! No major injuries, and some good solid hard fighting, have left us tired and stiff, but grinning from ear to ear.

We are most definitely looking forward to improving our attendance next year!



Held in Lithgow on the 21st and 22nd April, IronFest is an arts festival, with a wide range of activities and shows on display. This year, Uppsala was part of the medieval village.

This was our first event for the year, and it was a great show to get our displays off and running too.
“Short, Fast and Loud” was the theme for this show, and with member’s commitment and enthusiasm high, we delivered another solid performance.

The Uppsala encampment, while still a work in progress was well received, with punters appreciating the chance to try on the gear and get some Kodak’s.

Id like to take the chance to thank those that were involved, especially Cameron and SpearDave for heading up the organisation of the group, the combatants for their monster efforts in the arena, and all that attended and helped out.
A huge and special thanks go to Mrs. Spear and Richard, our official Upp-Media crew for capturing so many awesome pictures. You will all agree, that the quality of the images are OUTSTANDING!
Its one thing for us to put on a good fight, but we really appreciate having people their to capture it for us

Images can be found at the UMS Google+ Gallery


Rowany Festival

An SCA event in Sydney. Some members took the chance over Easter to head up to Festival. While most relaxed, soaked up the sun (a bit too much at times) scoped out the markets and drank the nights away, there was some training conducted with our good friend Roy. Also much of Roy’s mead was consumed. Big thanks to everyone that chipped in to make the weekend a great relexing event for us.


Uppsalan Fightday and Banquet!!!

Uppsala hosted a Fightday and Banquet in November at a great new spot in Ingleside (Sydney) with heaps of open areas for combat including dependable high grounds and a huge bridge. After the fighting everyone retreated to the hall for one of Uppsala’s renowned banquets complete with several courses of food and drink and an entire honey roasted lamb.
We had a fantastic Fightday & Banquet which saw fighters and feasters from the AAF, Order of the Staple, Society of Merchants Artisans & Combatants, The Guild and a couple others come together for a great weekend. We will host another soon and look forward to seeing everyone there again!


Beorg-Wic 2011

A 3 day event over the October long weekend run by the Ancient Arts Fellowship (AAF) at The Danelaw’s Property, Dunghaven.
While wet, it was still a great event and Uppsala Thank AAF for all their hard work!. Looking forward to 2012.
For info please see the AAF’s website:


Winterfest Sydney Medieval Fair

Winterfest Sydney Medieval Fair is a public fair run every year around mid July. Attended by a large selection of different combat and reenactment groups who put on martial and interactive displays. For more info see the Winterfest site:
Winterfest was yet again another fantastic weekend, big thanks to the organisers and all the groups who participated.


Conference 2011

XVIAMC2011 or The 16th Biennial Australasian Medieval and Re-enactment Convention 2011. Conference is a melting pot of the various Australasian groups who get together to update inter-group combat rules and Fight Feast and Drink for a long the Easter long weekend. Uppsala rocked it with out Knights of Dobryn march down the main Greenway, turning many heads and rasing many smiles.
This event was hosted by The Danelaw at their property Dunghaven in Braidwood NSW. For more info please check the website:
Convention has now being and gone, we would like to thank the Danelaw for running a fantastic event.