UMS meet weekly for combat training and have been participating in combat with other like minded groups, including Lionhart, Danelaw, The AAF, The Company of the Staple, The Guild, Vanguard, The Society of Merchants, Artisans and Combatants, The Huscarls, Europa and The Black Ravens

Combat training focuses on developing both the individual’s skill level and ability to work cohesively as a team. A basic two man team form the backbone of an Uppsalan Shieldwall, so if problems arise in combat, combatants instinctively buddy with another Uppsalan. This gives stability in a crisis situation, and allows for greater effective firepower. As such, our training is designed to reflect this. Individual skill plays an important role, but success in mass combat is dependent on working effectively as a team. Our teamwork and cohesion has founded our reputation of being a solid fighting group amongst our peers.

“16. Effective use of terrain hurts them more then it hurts you.”Useful hints for fighting with Uppsala

A standard Uppsalan combination is a Shieldman and a Spearman. All members are initially trained to fight competently with a sword and shield, as well two handed spear. From there the combatant can further their training with either of these weapons or train in other weapons such as two handed weapons, or the use of two weapons. As training for the combatant progress, they are trained to fight in different pairs, with different weapon combinations giving the group greater flexibility when on the field of combat.

Uppsala use blunted steel weapons that must meet specific safety guidelines to be used in combat. Blows are delivered in a “Pulled blow” system, where each strike is initially started with the full force of the swing, but “pulled” so that excessive force is not delivered in the final strike. All blows are delivered with the flat of the blade.
This ensures a safe and controlled blow is delivered, but reduces the requirement for excessive armour.

Minimum requirements are a helmet and gauntlet. Steel capped boots are encouraged for combat. Additional armour can be worn, and many of our members wear maille, padding, or leather armour.

Minimum clothing requirements for combat and events are a tunic, period pants and a leather belt.

We find that this combination of weapons, armour and fighting style, allows for safe and enjoyable combat and a large range of members to participate in our combat.

“Do you apes want to live for ever?!!”

Don’t be fooled though! Combat is a physically demanding activity, and fights can be very intense! Not to mention the adrenaline rush of having swords swinging toward you, Shieldsman charging you and Spearmen, well spearing you!